“Rocky Mountain Psychic Dentist Discovers Hidden Heart Attacks 
Lurking In Patients' Mouths”

Discover The Missing Link Between Dental Disease
And Heart Attack, Cancer, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction And Alzheimer's

Dear Friend,

I can see your future! Why?
Because, I'm a Psychic Dentist. Everyday when I see a new patient I can tell what diseases they are heading toward. As I look at their gums, teeth and tissues, it's as if I am gazing into a crystal ball.

What I see is very disturbing, and all too common. Disturbing, because if the evidence is ignored the all too frequent deadly consequence is a heart attack!

Since a heart attack occurs on average
every 25 seconds, and someone dies of one, every 39 seconds this is critical. And in half of these people the heart attack is the very first sign a heart problem was developing. No second chance!

The odds are overwhelming that at some point you'll be a victim of this oral disease that's a precursor to pancreatic cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer's.

It's so prevalent that 80% of Americans are living with it, clueless that it exists.

I hope you understand the immediate danger you and your loved ones are in now!

As a rule the older you are the more you are at risk for these silent killers but, I also see severe disease signs in patients in their early twenties. So the sooner you address the cause, the more years you can add to your life.

Believe me, you need to act NOW. Protect and strengthen your heart and brain before it's too late
...like it nearly was for Fred.

Fred's a typical example of a man headed for disaster who didn't have a clue how close he was.

Fred's Story

I first met Fred a few years ago. I recalled seeing him out walking on the streets near my office and was surprised to see him that spring day sitting in my reception area.

I introduced myself and asked Fred if he would join me in my office to talk. After we were seated I asked Fred what brought him to see me.

“Doc, I am embarrassed about how I look. And physically, I hurt, I feel terrible.“

"Tell me more, Fred, I want to understand exactly what you mean." I had noticed him frequently while walking downtown, near my office, but didn’t know his name. He stuck out because he seemed to be in considerable pain, moving very slowly.

“I’ve got a fever today and my arthritis is really acting up and I can barely get around. I’ve seen my doctor and he asked if I had seen a dentist lately. That’s crazy, I thought. He said he thought it might be dental problems. I needed to get it checked out because it could put a severe strain on my heart, cause my arthritis to flare-up and also be responsible for my fever.”

"He’s right Fred, dental problems cause severe effects throughout your body that most doctors never recognize. It sounds like you have a wise doctor."

“He also told me that, if my heart is affected, my fears of living in a wheelchair pale in significance. He said a rapid downhill slide is common and often fatal with dental related heart problems!”

Fred was beside himself and it was spilling over into everything in his life. He was afraid of dying and it showed.

Fred followed through with my advice and recommendations. It took a little bit of time to get his situation under control but today Fred is a different man. His appearance concerns were addressed easily and he’s now smiling more confidently too.

His heart is no longer at risk due to his oral health since he’s following my recommendations. In addition he’s gone from uncontrolled severe diabetic blood sugar swings to stability. He says that his memory and thinking ability have improved and he’s back to doing the things he enjoys.

More importantly, Fred has his life back. His arthritis has almost disappeared and he’s walking like a man half his age. And the benefit of arresting his dental disease is that Fred has literally added years to his life.
*Fred’s character is partially fictitious. He is a composite of real patients, events and conversations designed to protect his confidentiality. Fred was experiencing the signs and symptoms of dental infection and completely reversed them. His success reflects the actual improvements and benefits I see every day.
Don’t wait until it’s almost too late like Fred did. Get started now. You owe it to your family and those you love. You deserve those extra years.

With health problems behind you, I guarantee you’ll be excited about life and happier too and that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it?

The good news is it's not too late. You can start today making major positive changes and switch the direction you are heading just like Fred.

Some of you will follow my advice now and you'll start adding healthy years to your life. Others will have to experience a few more hard knocks first. But you now understand there are consequences if you delay.
The take home lesson is dental disease is linked to devastating systemic illnesses. And I can't leave you hanging without knowing what to do.

Because of my concern, my friend, and my uncanny ability to predict your health and longevity, I want to share vital secrets with you today to help you take the first steps restoring your health.
You may already be suffering one or more of these telltale symptoms:
  • Sensitive teeth

  • Cavities

  • Abscesses

  • Bad breath that won't go away

  • Red or swollen gums

  • Tender or bleeding gums

  • Painful chewing

  • Loose teeth

  • Receding gums or longer appearing teeth

Is there a hidden disease lurking in this mouth?

If you said YES to any of these problems, then I can tell you the direction your health is headed.
Examining your gums, teeth and tissues provide me with an opportunity to gaze into your future. Your mouth, revealing just like a crystal ball, what dental diseases researchers are so worried about. It allows me to develop an action plan for my patients. I tell you, I know where they'll be in 20 years if they don’t put a plan into action.
Perhaps you have already had a dentist suggest expensive treatments like scaling, planing, drilling and filling. Perhaps they are necessary. It's a start but it may not be the solution if it doesn't address the daily problem of healing and ongoing health.

Tell me, who is going to have a bigger effect? Your dentist, whom you'll see once or twice a year if you are lucky. Or YOU, the one you see everyday in the mirror? If you are only relying on traditional dental care to fix the symptoms, instead of the root cause, you are sitting on a potential time-bomb!

Rich, Famous And Dead At 58

When on-air TV journalist Tim Russert died suddenly we were all shocked. Tim, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press”, was loved by many. Tom Brokaw broke into the regular programming schedule at 3:39pm to announce his passing at age 58.

No specific cause of death was given, pending autopsy, but insiders speculated that the cause was
sudden cardiac death.

That means no warning until, Tim's very last words were, “What’s happening?”.

How could a man so full of life die so quickly? Couldn’t something have been done to prevent it?

Had Tim been aware of other hidden deadly signs, he may have been alive today!

Even Dr. Michael Newman, a longtime friend of Tim and his personal physician, said Tim’s coronary artery disease was being
managed with exercise and medication.

Tim's disease didn't get
managed very well, did it?

My psychic mind travels again back to the root of all disease that stems from your mouth.

If Tim's physician was aware of what I will divulge to you, Tim may have avoided his
managed coronary artery disease and his sudden cardiac death too.

Sometimes Physicians Are Totally Clueless

Physicians don't know what they don't know! They can't diagnose it and they can't treat it!

What I am about to reveal to you is, surprisingly, something most dentists don't know either. They don't know how key this is to your future health and wellbeing.

In a recent follow-up article retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD said, “Tim Russert was borderline diabetic, had high stress, had an enlarged heart, and was obese.”

Dr. Blaylock goes on to say “Unfortunately, as far as we can ascertain,
none of these risk factors were adequately controlled”.

One hugh risk factor isn't even being considered!

Dr. Newman missed signs I could have seen, and so did Dr. Blaylock. Both smart physicians with impressive credentials.

I’ll show you what both physicians totally missed.
Tim Russert placed all his faith and trust in his physician's recommendations, prescription medications and occasional exercise.

But it wasn't enough.

Don't watch things go to hell-in-a-hand-basket.

You must do something besides re-arranging the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks

I want to get this life saving, life changing information into your hands today. It's good news, so you can
take charge now and live a long and healthy life.

Who Is The Psychic Dentist?

I am a dentist who has developed psychic abilities over the years by closely watching my patients. My crystal ball is the patient's mouth.

I easily see the beginnings of disease. Disease, if unrecognized will result in soaring risk for heart attack and stroke.

My patient's who use me as a guide make major improvements in their health. Those that ignored me suffer needlessly.

I've been practicing for over 30 years. I received my Doctorate in Dental Surgery from a Top Ten University. I trained in a hospital residency program for which few dentists qualify. Add in my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and you have an individual with a very unique way of viewing science, medicine and dentistry.

I continuously study the human body and what affects it positively, increasing longevity and what cuts life short.

My personal research revealed huge gaps in quality of care provided by dentists and physicians alike.

By teaching my patients my crystal ball revelations I offended dentists in my community. I showed my patients how the dental disease I saw was destroying their health and compromising their longevity.

I really stirred up a hornet’s nest. I was a
labeled a trouble maker, a renegade, because I had the audacity to tell the truth!

They decided to make an example of me for voicing my opinion and they wanted to silence me.

I continue, for the time being, to provide my patients with my best psychic advice. But now, I'm constantly looking over my shoulder because I am in fear of losing my practice.

So, with no other choice, I write and publish anonymously to protect my identity for fear of retribution.

National Team Swimmer: Dies In Competition

I understand you're young and think you're in great health, immune to illness, and virtually bullet proof. It’s easy to be cocky until it strikes close to home.

It's likely so did Fran Crippen, the open-water medal winning swimmer on the U.S. national team who just died in competition. He was a great swimmer who's
death surprised us all.

But vigorous training, eating right, and a handful of generic supplements don't necessarily deal with
all the health conditions that put you at risk.

Your health problems can come all at once like Fran Crippen, who may have died from a hidden heart problem aggravated by heat exhaustion.

Or they can build over time like an accumulation of worn parts on an old car. Either one can have devastating consequences.

Don't wait until one of your "wheels" fall off to pay attention. You need regular maintenance checkups just like your car
to stop ongoing damage. You can start the process with a dental office or you can begin today.

A Head-on Collision With A Heart Attack

Ever been in a car accident? Tensed up, brakes screeching, sliding as if in slow motion into a head-on collision? And after the grinding crunch...a sudden silence, followed by the sounds of pain and people asking "Are you OK?" Then, if you are conscious, followed by your own personal thoughts spinning between "if only" and "I should have".

I'm a big believer in second chances but it is not always possible.

Keeping your head in the sand about your health is like driving with your eyes closed. You're an accident waiting to happen!

Because you’ve done the dieting, exercising, meditation and positive thinking to stay healthy you may think you are immune and virtually bullet proof. No such luck. You can't even see what is launching the attack.

Even if you get an annual physical your physician misses 100% of what he’s not trained to look for.

He can’t tell you what to look for, but I can!

85% Of You Are Sick And Don't Know It!

Ignore the warning signs and this becomes deadly serious! In a moment I'll tell you about the near death of an athlete friend of mine.

Right now over 85% of the population are victims of dental disease. Trying to get fit and healthy ignoring these facts is a total waste of time.

I am going to let you in on secrets learned over 30 years of dental practice so you can find out how healthy you really are right now. And then eliminate the dental diseases that will cripple your future.

You’ll learn what to look for and then what to do.

You'll get results. Start taking the steps to get healthier now!

“The Psychic Dentist-Open Your Mouth And I’ll Show You Your Future”

In my new book, The Psychic Dentist-Show Me Your Mouth, And I’ll Tell You Your Future I’ll disclose why you are at risk for serious illness or death. And what you can do about it.
  • I’ll reveal to you the secrets behind hidden health disasters just waiting to happen and their cures.

  • I’ll show you how to identify the disease in your mouth that affects your whole body and the steps to defeat it! Step by step, day by day!

  • I'll tell you what simple lab tests to ask your doctor for that will reveal your heart attack risk. And the steps needed to slash that risk in 27 days.

  • I will predict your future with more accuracy than a metaphysical mind reader.

  • I am the insider’s guide to the connection to diseases affecting your whole body.
It's more accurate than reading palms, cards or tea leaves. I’ll show you the clues staring you right in the face and what they mean. Discover the missed opportunities you have to add years to your life today.
"In simple, everyday language, the Psychic Dentist explains the link between chronic inflammation and many of our worst afflictions, including heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's, as well as the importance of prevention, including diet, antioxidants, exercise, supplements, and the elimination of toxins. He shows you how you can take responsibility for yourself, to lead a better, longer, happier and healthier life. This is powerful information that you NEED to read. It will make a difference, for you and those you love.”

  — William Thomas Stillwell, M.D.
Chairman Emeritus, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center, Smithtown, N.Y.
Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery,
SUNY Stony Brook ('87-'03),
Instructor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery,
College of Physicians & Surgeons,
Columbia University, ('82-'99),
President & CEO of Dr. Bill's Clinic, Inc.
and Medical Director of
Dr. Bill's Favorite Formulas, Inc.

You’ll be able to:
  • Add up to ten healthy years to your life!!!

  • Stop "diseases of aging" from robbing you of vitality.

  • Gain social success, as you begin smiling and speaking with confidence.

  • Discover the keys to whole body health.
You'll learn:
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of ignorant dental care.

  • How to talk with your dentist so he can help you receive the absolute best care available.

  • How to pick the right dentist that can extend your life.

The Almost Free, No Embarrassment,
In Depth, Dental Consultation

For less than the cost of a visit to the dentist you can get my entire The Psychic Dentist 27-day Risk Busting Program, which includes my book, my DVD, my CD, and personal progress journal to use in the privacy of your own home.

There is no embarrassment. No judgment. No fear of a visit to the dentist. But you will change the direction of your health.

As doctors are becoming increasingly pressed for time, you need this program to step up your health awareness and provide a plan for your own individual action.

The 27-day program puts you in the driver’s seat for stepping up your dental health and overall wellness. By incorporating each step you will see amazing results in a matter of weeks.
Results that can add up to ten years to your life.

Then after 27 days of following my program you’ll see the difference when you repeat the special diagnostic assessment and see that you can indeed protect yourself by staying on my program.
“… a must for anyone interested in staying young and healthy. I've read many anti-aging books but this one has all the most important information in an easy to understand format. Open it and begin living younger now.”

    — Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.
Best Selling Author of Brain Longevity

ONLY 24 Hours Away...
From Being Unplugged From Life Support

Hey, even if you’re in great shape and you can run, and bike or swim, it could end in a moment.

I watched it happen to an avid bike riding doctor friend of mine. He rode his bike every week like clockwork. He went to France every year to watch the Tour de France race and to ride the same course just before each leg of the race.

Then one day, bang! Down on the ground with a massive closed head injury. Good weather, good daylight, no gravel, no traffic.

Doc was in a coma for months and hours away from being unplugged from life support when he finally awoke. His world had completely changed. In rehab for nearly a year…and 4 years later he still requires a daily attendant. He gets out and does a few errands, goes shopping and has a semblance of his former life. And he was one of the
lucky ones.

He told me they think it was a stroke, a blood clot in an otherwise healthy guy. He won’t ever know for sure, but I think something was being missed in his
healthy lifestyle.

Died While Playing Racketball

Russell Blaylock, M.D. said it happened to a friend of his too.

“One of my best friends died of SCD [sudden cardiac death] while playing racquetball. He was a healthy, thin man in his 40s. Despite the fact that an internist was playing racquetball with him at the time and the EMS arrived quickly, they were unable to save him.”

It’s why they call it SCD [sudden cardiac death], there is no warning!

If Doctors Die Prematurely...What Are They Missing?

If doctors, professionals that are often fit and smart, die prematurely, what are they missing about health and longevity?

The missing link is what is going on right in their mouths. My program affords you the opportunity to find out where you stand. Then you can look into your mouth like a crystal ball. Order my book today.

You can’t afford to wait until you are diagnosed with:
Coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S.

Stroke another leading cause of death in this country, causing more serious long-term disabilities than any
other disease. Over 700,000 people in the U.S. suffer strokes each year.

Cancer, (numerous cancers can lie dormant inside your body for 10 to 40 years, then "something" switches them on).

The Psychic Dentist Explains Your Current Health Future...
And How To Program A Better One

I have assembled for you the cutting-edge, up to date information I provide to my patients everyday. It puts you on the path to good health. Here are the details of what you’ll get when you order the complete package today:
The Psychic Dentist 27-Day Risk Busting Program
The Psychic Dentist-Show Me Your Mouth And I'll Tell You Your Future book: Identify the beginnings of significant dental disease in your own mouth. Discover how it attacks your mouth and the rest of your body. Understand how it encourages cancer to grow. Realize how it affects diabetes. Identify how it affects stroke and heart attack risk. Overcome increased Alzheimer's risk.

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The Psychic Dentist Consultation DVD: Complete 1 hour DVD video consultation. It contains the background and in depth information on the dental connections to the debilitating diseases of aging. It's more valuable than what you've heard from your dentist in the last ten years.

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The Psychic Dentist Consultation Audio CD: Use those minutes you spend in your car to your advantage earning a degree in dental health common sense.

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This Is My Promise To You

I’ll teach you how, without pain, without surgery, without expensive antibiotics, to minimize your risk of acquiring new disease and complicating any existing debilitating systemic diseases.

I’ll teach you the easiest and most effective way to minimize the single largest cause of whole body inflammation known to man - undiagnosed dental disease.

Whole body inflammation is the fertilizer for diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer’s.

Imagine the effect it will have if you can bring 95% of these undiagnosed dental disease causes to a screaming halt. It may extend your life 7, 10 or even 20 years!

The Psychic Dentist’s 27-Day Risk Busting Program and you’ll see and feel the difference. Check back in with your dentist or physician in 90 days or so and with a few simple tests he or she will be able to medically verify the results you’ve seen and felt.

Are you willing to commit yourself wholeheartedly for the next 27 days to follow my instructions?

It’s Yes or No.

If you’ve honestly answered “yes,” then consider this a binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision that will change your life. I promise to do my part if you promise to do yours.

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Here’s to your health,
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The Psychic Dentist's-Show Me Your Mouth And I'll Tell You Your Future
-book. Identify the beginnings of significant dental disease in your own mouth. Discover how it attacks your mouth and the rest of your body. Understand how it encourages cancer to grow. See how it complicates asthma. Realize how it affects diabetes. Identify how it affects stroke and heart attack risk. Overcome increased Alzheimer's risk.

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The Psychic Dentist's Consultation DVD: Complete 1 hour DVD video consultation. It contains the background and in depth information on the dental connections to the debilitating diseases of aging. It's more valuable than what you've heard from your dentist in the last ten years.

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The Psychic Dentist's Consultation Audio CD: Use those minutes you spend in your car to your advantage earning a degree in dental health common sense.

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The Psychic Dentist's 27-Day Program Progress Journal: Shrink your risk for heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction and Alzheimer's. Add years to your life as you reduce the severity of a host of other diseases.

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